Beaumont Radiation Exposure Safety Procedures










At Beaumont, radiation safety for patients is as important as medical progress. We take all necessary steps to ensure that patients will not be exposed to unnecessary radiation during cancer treatments and to reduce radiation exposure during medical imaging. Use these resources to inform yourself of the risks versus the benefits of radiation from diagnostic medical imaging procedures.

Beaumont is recognized by the American College of Radiology (ACR) as an imaging center of excellence in the following modalities:

At Beaumont, board certified radiologist, physicists and registered technologists provide your physician with the highest image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose.

Frequently Asked Radiation Safety Questions

For information about the risk of radiation exposure, how to reduce your risk and what questions you should ask your physician before having an imaging procedure visit our frequently asked radiation safety questions.

Radiation Tracking Card

Download your own Radiation Tracking Card to keep track of your cumulative radiation dose history.

Radiation Doses

Download the table of radiation doses to obtain average radiation doses for various medical imaging procedures (U.S. average).