Open MRI Locations and Centers

A number of Beaumont locations, including hospitals and medical centers, offer the option of open MRI. These convenient open MRI locations and centers will allow you to complete your tests quickly without traveling long distances.

Select locations offer an ambient experience to create a peaceful environment that will ease nerves while the test is taking place. This includes soothing lights and tranquil music to help you or your loved one to relax.

CinemaVision is also available at select locations. This new technology helps to reduce the incidence of claustrophobia and also helps children hold still during the test. Goggles are worn which allows the patient to watch his favorite movie.

Open MRI is offered at all three Beaumont hospitals in Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe. Additional locations include:

It is important to note that not all MRI locations and centers offer the same types of open MRI scanners. The location where your test is performed may depend on your individual situation. Some tests may require a more traditional scanner. This will be determined prior to testing.

Call the Appointment Center at 800-328-8542 to schedule an open MRI test. You may also request a test online.