Flash CT Scan Imaging

Patients at all three Beaumont hospitals have access to the newest, safest and fastest CT scanner, known as the Flash CT Imaging Scanner, as Beaumont became the first hospital in the state to offer the technology.

Benefits of the new Flash CT scanner include:

  • Minimized radiation exposure for patients
  • Decreased time for testing for patients who have difficulty remaining still or
    holding their breath
  • Increased comfort for patients with chronic medical conditions who require
    frequent CT imaging

"The technology really is a benefit to patients who have a difficult time remaining still or holding their breath, specifically children and trauma patients. While our traditional scanners are certainly safe and appropriate for patients who require scans less often, the Flash CT also is designed for patients with chronic medical conditions who require frequent CT imaging," says Duane Mezwa, M.D., corporate chairman of Diagnostic Radiology at Beaumont Hospitals.

The Flash CT scanner features two X-ray beams, yet minimizes a patient's exposure to radiation and time for testing. For example, a traditional CT scan of the chest cavity usually takes about 15 seconds to complete. The Flash CT scan of the chest cavity lasts about .6 seconds, capturing images of the heart in less than half of a heart beat and exposing the patient to much less radiation.

Researchers at Beaumont Hospitals led by Dr. Gilbert Raff, director of the Ministrelli Center for Advanced Cardiac Imaging, published a study earlier this year that found that the radiation dose for a diagnostic scan of the heart and blood vessels was cut on average by more than half with no effect on image quality. Cardiologist Kavitha Chinnaiyan, M.D., one of the authors of the study, says that the Flash CT will lower these doses even more.

Beaumont Medical Imaging Technology

Beaumont Health System offers the most advanced, precise diagnostic imaging technology, some pioneered by Beaumont doctors. More than 80 fellowship-trained, board-certified Beaumont radiologists are available around-the-clock for consultation and include sub-specialists in neuroradiology, pediatrics, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology.

Beaumont Hospitals performs the highest volume of cardiac CTs in the state, led by cardiologists highly trained in CT. Cardiologists with the Ministrelli Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging at Beaumont, Royal Oak are leading a state-wide collaborative, studying the use of cardiac CT imaging; the related research has been published in renowned medical journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association.