Meet the Pain Medicine Team

Our pain physicians:

Sean Conroy, MD
Pain Medicine Medical Director
Beaumont Health System


Cain Dimon, MD
Site Leader
Beaumont Health Center
Royal Oak

Ali Jaffer, MD
Site Leader
Beaumont Health and Wellness Center
Rochester Hills
Daniel Hass, MD
Site Leader
Beaumont Hospiltal, Grosse Pointe

Rebecca Clemans, MD

John Pappas, MD

Myrtice Macon, MD

Craig McCardell, MD


Craig Hartrick, MD Cecile Pestano, RN

Pain psychologists:

Bruce Hillenberg, Ph.D. ABPP
Director of Pain Medicine           Psychology
Alina Stevenson, PsyD

Additional team members:

Physician assistants: Lead nurse clinicians:
Julio Duronio
Angela West
Anita Parker
Ben Heath
Johnene Koganti
Claudia Applegate
LuAnn Cathers