Nursing Education

Beaumont Health System believes education is vital to the growth, development and training of nurses for their roles as caregivers, managers, educators and researchers.  We serve as a placement center for more than 2000 nursing students to gain clinical and leadership learning experiences prior to graduation.

Graduate Nurse Residency Program

Our Graduate Nurse Residency program for new graduate nurses offers new knowledge and improvements leading to exemplary professional practice. The program is designed to be comprehensive, yet individualized, with a dynamic curriculum that reflects best practice and focuses on easing the transition of the graduate nurse into the hospital environment. The program stretches over a twelve month period of time, consisting of both a precept and non-precept portion, to provide ongoing support via coaching, mentoring and recognition for new nurse graduates.  In addition to core courses, the curriculum offers content specific for the nurse resident’s clinical area.

Benefits of the one-year Graduate Nurse Residency Program

  • educational activities take place in a variety of settings to allow the learner to take an active role in the learning process
  • learning activities that promote critical thinking and problem solving, including simulation and case studies are utilized
  • the program helps facilitate a smooth transition to practice by bridging education and nursing practice
  • ongoing support and mentoring are provided for new graduate nurses throughout the first year of entry into practice
  • nurses are introduced to numerous nursing experts and other hospital-wide resources
  • nurses are given the opportunity to develop organizational, prioritization and delegation skills
  • learning programs are customized to meet the individual needs of the learner

Continuing Education for Nurses

For our staff, our dedication to continuing education ensures we provide the highest level of quality patient care. Through our nursing education departments, a number of offerings are available:

  • Emergency Center internship program
  • Surgical Services operating room internship program
  • comprehensive continuing education programs developed by Beaumont nurses, with Beaumont being a provider for continuing education credits from the Illinois Nurses Association (INA).
  • monthly nursing Grand Rounds
  • opportunities for professional growth, including preceptor development, mentoring and leadership training
  • certification review courses offered for many different specialty areas
  • evidence based practice workshops
  • variety of learning opportunities available on our Learning Management System
  • access to onsite and electronic library resources

Tuition Reimbursement

Beaumont recognizes the importance of encouraging a culture of learning and therefore provides financial support to employees who pursue formal clinical education for the purpose of enhancing their skills and knowledge and improving job performance. Development in both of these areas contributes to the quality, safety and service we provide to patients. Educational assistance is available to employees pursuing direct clinical patient care health professional degree programs, seminars, conferences, and clinical technical certification up to $2000 per year.