Nurse Community Involvement

Beaumont is committed to a healthy community and recognizes that health and well-being are not simply a matter of treating illness. That is why giving back to the communities where employees live and work is standard practice at Beaumont. Nurses are encouraged to get engaged in community service and reach beyond our doors every day to provide education, programs and sponsorships to promote community health.

Beaumont community outreach programs and services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Healthy Heart Check - Beaumont Health System teamed up with Channel 7 (the local ABC affiliate) to develop a student athlete screening program to identify students at risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Beaumont’s cardiology department developed the student athlete screening program entitled, “Healthy Heart Check”. 

    Since the program’s inception, Beaumont nurses have collectively volunteered hundreds of hours of their time to ensure that this program is a success. There isn’t anything that the nurses aren’t willing to do to make this program work because they believe so whole-heartedly in it. The nurses always say, “If we help one child, all the work is more than worth it!” Beaumont is proud to announce that from June 5, 2010 through October 22, 2011, 3,212 student athletes have undergone a heart screening. The 21 students that were flagged for follow up all had potentially lethal conditions that were caught and managed to prevent any untimely deaths.
  • Super All Year (S.A.Y) Clinic -The S.A.Y. Detroit clinic was formed in 2006 by Mitch Albom to aid the homeless in metro Detroit. It is the city's first ever free medical clinic, designed to provide maintenance and preventive healthcare solely to homeless and uninsured children and their mothers. Beaumont has been affiliated with this clinic from the beginning.  The Professional Nurse Council (PNC) has been influential in unit based collections and donations.  Specifically, the PNC collected school supplies, exercise equipment, clothes and money to support the efforts at the clinic. The Beaumont nurses have also volunteered multitudes of hours at the clinic, performing healthcare education, patient care and facility updates such as painting and reorganizing.
  • Saturday Series - Beaumont and Oakland Schools have partnered to offer the Saturday Series, a community outreach program for high school students in 10th through 12th grade. The students are brought to Beaumont hospital, Royal Oak for a half day of learning about nursing careers. They receive hands-on experience with nursing duties such as doing a chest compression on a BLS mannequin, seeing mock trauma victims in the EC, practicing IV starts on a faux arm, and learning how to wrap a newborn doll from our mother/baby staff. The students also have a chance to ask real nurses questions about their careers and are given information about various college degrees. Student evaluations of this program have been very positive.
  • The Summer Health Academy - The Summer Health Academy is a five week program for high school juniors and seniors and is sponsored by Oakland County Tech Prep and Oakland Community College. The OCC nursing lab is utilized to instruct the students on bathing, bed-making, vital signs, transfers, intake and output, and assessment of the hospitalized patient. The theory portion of the program covers several topics such as communication, hygiene, nutrition, vital signs, law and ethics, professionalism, body mechanics, emergency procedures, health and human needs, mental health, surgical patient, elimination and the role of the patient care assistant. Then, at Beaumont, the OCC Summer Health Academy student is paired with a nurse assistant for the clinical day to practice their skill under direct supervision.
  • Safety City U.S.A. - Beaumont Health System and the Royal Oak fire and police departments offer Safety City U.S.A., a group of programs that focus on educating children, teens, new parents and seniors on various safety issues. The "classroom" at Safety City U.S.A. is a replica of the inside of a home so students can learn how to handle real-life situations. Through Safety City, our goal is to increase the awareness of preventable injuries, while improving the habits and behaviors of students - adult and child - who participate in the programs. A variety of courses are offered through school field trips, afternoon and evening classes and summer camps.
  • Beaumont Speaker’s Bureau - This program was developed to provide community education from an experienced, health care professional. Nurses frequently volunteer to go into the community to speak at no charge to civic groups, social clubs and other non-profit organizations.