Nuclear Medicine

With one of the largest nuclear medicine departments in the nation, Beaumont offers you the benefits of having a wide variety of testing capabilities with some of the most advanced technology available.

Nuclear medicine doctors and technologists use highly accurate, detailed technologies, so your doctor can get the information needed to make a correct diagnosis or treatment plan.

As one of the few hospitals in the state with a PET scanner that has a high-speed CT scan built in, Beaumont nuclear medicine can provide patients with the testing they need.

Beaumont nuclear medicine also has the latest technology in cardiac and general nuclear medicine imaging and provides everything from ultra high-resolution 3-D imaging (SPECT) to super fine close-up imaging (Pin-Hole).

With the large number of patients Beaumont cares for each year, the nuclear medicine team must stay up to date on the latest advances. Beaumont's team has experts in all current nuclear medicine imaging, instrumentation, radiation dosimetry, and data analysis and interpretation techniques.