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Prerecorded Guided Imagery CDs - $15

When you think about taking steps to lead a healthier lifestyle you likely think of physical actions - eating better, exercising or quitting smoking. But have you considered the role your mind plays in healthy living? Listening to a Guided Imagery recording can help you tap into using the power of your mind to aid in your health and reduce stress and discomfort. Research is showing that Guided Imagery can not only improve your emotional well-being but also enhance physical health.

Relaxing Guided Imagery to Enhance Health and Reduce Pain
Calming and Healing Guided Imagery for New Mothers
Guided Imagery for Peaceful Sleep
Guided Imagery to Reduce Stress and Help you Stop Smoking
Calming Guided Imagery for Motivation to Lose Weight and Exercise
Guided Imagery for Living My Balanced Life
  Calming Guided Imagery to Reduce Stress and Enhance Healing


Exercise DVD $15

Joel Harper's Firming after 50

This DVD has intros with Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz. It is a complete upper and lower body workout plus a section for abs. No equipment is required and there are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Music CDs by Solitude $15.99

  • Cabana: Delight in the comfort of a seaside cabana as breezy piano, guitar and flute melodies merge with the gentle sound of surf on sand.
  • Sleep Deeply: Wrap yourself in this comforting blanket of dreamy music and gentle natural sounds, scientifically designed to promote delta brainwaves for a deeply restful sleep.
  • Mystic Sky: Native flutes and the peaceful sounds of nature meld under a mystical, mid-western sky.
  • Emerald Forest: Enhanced by the magical lilt of Celtic strings, harps and penny whistles, the forest cathedral of natural sounds draws you deeper and deeper into its enchanted realm.
  • India: Find inner peace through relaxing music and the sounds of India's magnificent forests and seashores.