Home Care

For many people, home is the most comforting place to recover from an illness, injury or disability. To aid in your recovery, your physician may recommend using a range of services to keep you or a loved one safe and comfortable at home. These services may include medical condition management, post-surgical care, diabetic teaching, stroke rehabilitation or assistance with IV medication and medical equipment. Beaumont Home Care brings all these services home.

Beaumont Home Care makes every effort to provide a smooth transition from one level of care to the next - whether you are being discharged from the hospital, an inpatient rehabilitation stay, skilled nursing facility or even your doctor's office.

With skill and compassion, Beaumont Home Care provides nursing, therapy, home health aide and social work services to meet your total health needs. Under the direction of your physician, our team works with you and your family to minimize the stress of an illness or disability, which can be physically, emotionally and financially difficult.

Home Care Services

An extensive range of quality services is available through Beaumont Home Care including, but not limited to:

Home Nursing Care
Beaumont Home Care provides specially trained, registered nurses for in-home care if you have ostomies, wounds, incontinence or infusion. Nurses work closely with you and monitor all your therapy needs to provide a comprehensive and individualized service. A registered nurse, under the direction of a physician, assists you by teaching you and/or your caregiver about care that will be needed. The nurse may also provide the following services: assessment of medical condition, injections, wound dressings, catheter care, IV medication therapy, or ostomy care, as you or your caregiver is learning.

Palliative Care
Beaumont's Care & TLC program provides palliative care for people who want to manage their symptoms and continue curative therapies during their home care experience. Whether clinical decline or complete recovery is expected, our interdisciplinary team seeks to eliminate distressing symptoms and promote the highest quality of life possible. Patients can receive both curative treatment and palliative care at the same time through Beaumont Care & TLC.

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist, under the direction of a physician, provides treatments to homebound patients who have limitations in strength or movement as a result of a recent injury or illness. Treatment may include exercises and instruction on balance, walking and transfers. Your physical therapist will facilitate safety within the home environment and may introduce the use of a cane, walker, or wheelchair for greater mobility.

Occupational Therapy
An occupational therapist, under the direction of your physician, provides treatments to you if you have impairments which limit your ability to perform basic activities of daily living as the result of a recent injury or illness. Treatment may include dressing, bathing, grooming, eating or cooking, as well as exercises to strengthen arms, hands, fingers, or to build endurance. Your occupational therapist will make recommendations for safety within the home environment, which may include adaptive equipment to assist with your daily care.

Speech Therapy
A speech therapist, under the direction of your physician, provides treatment if you have limitations in speech, language or swallowing as a result of a recent injury or illness. Speech treatment may include activities for speech production, auditory and reading comprehension, writing, and memory. Swallowing treatment may include exercises and recommendations for diet modification to improve function and safety.

Medical Social Work Services
A medical social worker provides you with social and emotional support as well as evaluates for financial factors affecting your health. Beaumont's social workers assess needs, coordinate use of community resources and assist in financial and health care planning.

Who Pays for Home Care?

Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance companies and HMOs pay for short term, intermittent home care services that are ordered by your physician. Beaumont Home Care will help patients determine financial coverage and process all claims to your insurance company.

Who benefits from Home Care?

Beaumont Home Care is committed to lightening your load by providing you with the options you need to make the right decision for you and your situation. If you and your family are in any of these situations, you may benefit from home care:

  • Patients and families that wish to prevent or postpone the need for nursing home placement
  • Patients who prefer to recover at home
  • Patients who desire a greater level of personal independence and privacy while recovering from an illness or injury
  • Patients and families that don't want to incur added expenses that may be associated with care provided in other settings

Who is a Candidate for Home Care?

Hospitalization is not a requirement for a referral for home care services. We accept referrals from you, a family member, your physician, nursing home or a social worker. Candidates for home health care include, but are not limited to:

  • Anyone under the care of a physician who is medically unstable or requires a great deal of assistance to leave their home and needs skilled care
  • Anyone who is about to be discharged from a hospital or nursing home and needs additional skilled care
  • Anyone who is recovering from outpatient surgery and needs short-term skilled care at home
  • Anyone with an unstable chronic health problem, such as congestive heart failure, kidney disease, diabetes or respiratory disease

For More Information

If you or someone you know can benefit from the convenience and comfort of Beaumont Home Care, call (248) 743-9500. Beaumont Home Care staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding home care services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.