Robotic Technology

Beaumont Hospitals and their surgical teams have always embraced new technologies such as the da Vinci surgical robot. Interested in learning more about the equipment used during one of these specialized procedures? The high definition technology used to improve our clinical outcomes is below.

Surgeon Console

Our trained surgeons operate from this workstation while seated and viewing 3-D images of the operative field. With enhanced dexterity and control, the surgeon uses the master controls, while the surgical instruments mimic the hand, wrist and finger movements seamlessly inside the patient.

EndoWrist Instruments

These instruments provide unmatched precision for suturing, cutting and tissue manipulation, identically matching the surgeon's wrist, hand and finger movements. With its ability to match the surgeon's hand movements and reach around corners, the EndoWrist instrument exceeds traditional laparoscopic instruments.

Patient-Side Cart

Supported by other members of the surgical team, the patient-side cart is made up of three or four robotic arms (up to three EndoWrist instruments and one 3D camera), which administer the surgeon's exact movements and perform the surgery inside the patient. These arms function as extensions of the surgeon's hands.

InSite Vision System

InSite Vision provides enhanced, true to life 3-D images of the operative field. Operating images captured by this system are refined and optimized using illuminators and camera controls.

Xi Robotic-Assisted Surgical System

The new Xi system provides surgeons the capability to perform more complex procedures throughout the abdomen and chest. The system also provides 3D-HD vision, giving surgeons a highly magnified view. Learn more about the Xi robotic-assisted surgical system.

Using this equipment, it is obvious to see why robotic-assisted surgery at Beaumont means better outcomes for our patients. Learn more about the benefits of robotic surgery here.