Emergency Care

When something minor turns out to be major-like indigestion that really is a heart attack, or a dizzy spell that turns out to be a stroke-the emergency room evaluation is often more critical than it seems. If your condition is more serious than you first thought, you need to be sure the hospital attached to that emergency care center is the place you want to be.

The emergency care centers at Beaumont, Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe are staffed and equipped to handle the most severe illnesses and injuries as well as the bumps and scrapes that also need medical attention.

When you or your family members come to Beaumont's emergency care centers, you know you're getting a Beaumont doctor-not a physician contracted through a company to work in the emergency center. Which means the doctor who takes care of you knows the services available to help as well as any specialists you might need.

Our doctors pioneered the use of coronary CT angiography for use in the emergency room for diagnosing patients complaining of chest pain. In a revolutionary research study conducted by Beaumont doctors, results showed that coronary CT angiography was not only accurate in diagnosing chest pain patients, but also reduced the time to diagnosis by 75%. As a result of this revolutionary study, Beaumont Hospital's Emergency Care Center in Royal Oak now uses CT angiography to aid in the diagnosis of chest pain of unknown cause.

Beaumont's After Hours Clinics can also provide you with the care you need when your doctors office is closed. Beaumont has After Hours Clinics for both adults and children at the Royal Oak hospital and an After Hours Clinic for children at the Troy hospital.

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