Diabetes Care










If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, Beaumont has a diabetes management program that can help you self-manage the disease. At Beaumont, a team of nurses and doctors who specialize in diabetes management can help you get your diabetes under control. Our multidisciplinary, diabetes management team includes an endocrinologist, podiatrist, ophthalmologist, registered nurses and registered dieticians that are all certified diabetes educators.

The Diabetes Management Program at Beaumont is certified by the Michigan Department of Public Health and is recognized by the American Diabetes Association. Also, all of the non-physician educators in the Diabetes Management Program at Beaumont are nationally certified as diabetes educators. This gives you added assurance you're getting the best guidance.

Support groups for adults with diabetes as well as those using insulin pumps are also available. Having the support you need from doctors and nurses as well as people in the same situation as you can make a huge difference in your quality of life. With all of the tools available through the Diabetes Management Program, you're sure to find the support your need, when you need it.

All insurances are accepted with approval, including Medicare and Medicaid.