Our Support Team

All of the members of the Chronic Disease Management Clinic are specially trained experts in treating chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys. The team is made up of hepatologists (liver doctors), nephrologists (kidney doctors) and surgeons, as well as anurse navigator and medical assistants.




If your condition can not be treated through the Chronic Disease Management Clinic, Drs. Koffron, Cohn and Raofi provide the surgical intervention needed to support our hepatologists and nephrologists. They treat liver cysts and lesions, biliary duct obstructions, polycystic liver disease and evaluate vascular access for patients needing hemodialysis.

Clinic Support Staff

Nurse Navigator


Jamie Harrison, RN




 Teresa Zawacki

Teresa Zawacki, RN




Medical Assistants

April Wright

Hannah Alfes

Practice Manager

Beth Sheehy