Beaumont Vein Center - Sterling Heights

If you have varicose veins, you may be experiencing uncomfortable, unsightly and sometimes serious symptoms. Whether it's aching, fatigue, itching, swelling or restlessness, vein ablation services (including minimally invasive laser vein removal) can help relieve those issues affecting your everyday routine.

Because vein problems can be more than just a cosmetic issue, you'll be seen by a Beaumont doctor who is board certified in interventional and diagnostic radiology. Following your physical exam, your physician will provide you with an individualized plan of treatment.

The Beaumont Vein Center performs the following varicose vein treatments:

  • saphenous ablation
  • perforating vein ablation
  • microphlebectomy
  • ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy

Spider vein treatments include:

  • microsclerotherapy
  • dermal skin laser
  • veinwave

The Vein Center is conveniently located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. To schedule an appointment call 248-964-2099

If your aching legs are slowing you down, you might be a candidate for vein removal. Take a quick vein ablation quiz to learn if these procedures can eliminate your pain and discomfort.