Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center - Berkley

At Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center, varicose vein treatment is conducted by specialists in cardiac, vascular and venous disease. We offer a number of options to relieve pain and swelling from varicose veins, as well as perform complete cardiovascular system evaluations.

Our physicians are board certified in multiple aspects of cardiovascular medicine, including interventional cardiology, vascular medicine and venous disease. They utilize the latest treatment options, including radiofrequency vein ablation and sclerotherapy.

Procedures take less than an hour. Patients can expect to walk as soon their procedure is over and return to work the same day. 

Beaumont Northpointe Heart Center performs the following varicose vein treatments:

  • saphenous vein ablation
  • perforating vein ablation
  • ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy

Spider-vein treatments include:

  • microsclerotherapy

If you are hiding your legs or looking for relief for your leg pain and swelling, call 248-545-0070 to schedule an appointment. The Vein Center is conveniently located in Berkley, Michigan. 

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