Nursing at Beaumont

When you are on the nursing team at Beaumont, you won't be sitting on the sidelines. You'll be an integral part of a team whose only focus is on providing the finest health care to every patient. You'll be valued and respected. Your opinions will matter. You will make a difference - every day.

At Beaumont, we treat nursing as an academic discipline and profession. Our nurses evaluate their practice for improvements through performance metrics and evidence-based research. Our nurses routinely participate in research activities that expand nursing knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

Our nurses provide passion and care that contribute to a mutually rewarding relationship between nurses and patients, which lead to better patient outcomes. Our nurses participate in decisions that affect their practice and their clinical environment. They advocate for patient care standards and adhere to the professional code of ethics for nursing practice.

Beaumont nurses serve as educators to apply their knowledge to the education of patients and other health care providers.

Nursing Leadership at Beaumont

Nursing Education at Beaumont

Beaumont – Royal Oak and Troy are both MagnetTM designated hospitals.