Administrative Fellowship Program Structure

The Fellow is precepted by the Hospital President and is mentored by the entire executive team. The program is one year in length, with a second year of more in-depth experience possible based upon the mutual agreement of the hospital president and Fellow.

Our program offers a tiered educational approach that:

  • fosters a broad understanding of operations management and leadership in a complex health care environment
  • allows the Fellow to lead specific projects to improve the organization
  • integrates the Fellow as a member of the executive team

The components of the fellowship include:

Rotational Experiences

The Fellow is exposed to all aspects of health care administration in a complex system through rotations within various departments. The Administrative Fellowship Program allows for flexibility to accommodate his/her interests in order to ensure continuous learning, rotations will be determined based on a mutual understanding between the hospital president and Fellow. Rotational experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • corporate planning
  • finance
  • quality and safety
  • nursing services
  • environmental and nutrition services
  • marketing and communications
  • surgical services
  • human resources

Project Work

A key component of the fellowship is active participation and management of important initiatives. Project work will involve data extraction, analysis and presentation, business planning, generation of financial pro formas, operations flow analysis and interaction with staff at all levels of the organization. The Fellow is expected to address complex issues and propose recommendations for consideration and implementation. Sample projects include:

  • completed and filed a Certificate of Need application
  • evaluated effectiveness of pre-employment survey tool in reducing turnover
  • managed capital budgeting process
  • participated on multi-disciplinary "kaizen" process improvement teams to enhance patient flow
  • analyzed nursing unit occupancy and capacity for heart failure patients; worked with Director of Nursing to develop plan for a designated heart failure nursing unit
  • completed orthopedic strategic business plan incorporating a market assessment and growth initiatives 
  • facilitated a campus development plan
  • developed and implemented a Surgical Optimization Clinic to improve post-surgical outcomes
  • created an electronic scheduling process for inpatient rehabilitation
  • assisted in coordinating a health collaborative for an underserved area in Metro Detroit
  • collaborated with the Green Team to create a policy and algorithm for expired and non-expired product donation
  • coordinated the business development of a Specialty Pharmacy program 

Leadership Support

The Fellow serves as an integral part of the senior leadership team and supports the work of committees and councils. At Royal Oak, the Fellow is part of the Hospital Executive Committee and Operations Leadership Council. At Troy, the Fellow is part of the Clinical Leadership Council. This work advances the success of the organization and exposes the Fellow to current challenges faced by leadership and the processes by which these challenges are addressed.