Administrative Fellowship Program at Beaumont Health


I am pleased to announce the expansion of the Beaumont Health Administrative Fellowship Program. The Troy and Royal Oak hospital leadership teams started their administrative fellowship programs four and six years ago. This year, we brought on two additional fellows who are assigned to the Corporate team and Beaumont Medical Group. 

Through an Administrative Fellowship at Beaumont Health, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that prepare you for a future in healthcare. You will be paired with a preceptor who is a senior leader and will serve as a supervisor and mentor. In addition, you will have many opportunities to gain exposure to the operations and strategic planning that make up the complex and unique environment of Beaumont. The components of the fellowship include:

  • Clinical Rotations
  • Departmental Rotations
  • Special Projects
  • Other opportunities for learning and development

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Beaumont Health family as we continue to grow and strengthen. Thank you for your interest and we hope you consider an Administrative Fellowship at Beaumont Health.

Thank you,






John Fox
President and CEO, Beaumont Health


If you have questions regarding the fellowship experience at Beaumont, I encourage you to contact one of our current fellows:

Lauren Wysocki, Fellow
Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak


Jessica Burgett, Fellow
Beaumont Hospital, Troy
           Yaqoota Aziz, Fellow
Beaumont Medical Group 
          Chelsea Lange, Fellow
Beaumont Health Corporate