Comprehensive Breast Care Centers

As the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise, Beaumont Hospitals created its Comprehensive Breast Care Program to help reduce the devastating effects of the disease on our community.

Our comprehensive breast care program integrates cancer prevention, early detection, rapid diagnosis, leading-edge therapies, and a variety of support, education and community-support programs. In fact, Beaumont detects more early stage cancer than any other Michigan hospital.

The news of an abnormal mammogram or breast cancer diagnosis is a stressful and challenging time in a woman's life. As a result, Beaumont created a program that quickly provides answers and coordinates care for benign and malignant breast diseases. 

A call to the Beaumont Center puts the coordinated care system into motion - evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. These comprehensive breast care components, which may require three or more appointments elsewhere, are usually accomplished in one visit to Beaumont, usually within days of your initial call.

Your First Appointment

Please complete and bring the following forms to your first appointment:

Patient questionnaire

Breast cancer risk survey (Gail Model)

General outpatient consent

Films form

Multidisciplinary Breast Oncology Clinics

Beaumont's Centers are uniquely equipped to serve women's breast health needs for the communities served in Royal Oak, Troy and Grosse Pointe. The centers unite expert breast cancer specialists in one location to care for patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer.

The Beaumont team evaluates all aspects of care, creating custom treatment options designed to offer the patient the best approach for their unique medical and personal needs. Our experience and recognition in the cancer research community offers additional treatment options for patients whose care can be enhanced through participation in cancer clinical trials and research.

Faster, More Reliable Diagnosis and Treatment

Beaumont's facilities feature the most advanced diagnostic imaging (mammography) techniques and radiology procedures available. Coordinated with the Multidisciplinary Breast Oncology Clinics, breast radiologists quickly diagnose patients using digital mammography, CT, MRI and PET scan imaging.

If you need radiation treatment, you may benefit from our unique five-day treatment program of accelerated partial breast radiation, invented by a Beaumont physician. The program cuts the treatments down from weeks to a matter of days. This is just another example of innovation pioneered by Beaumont physicians. Surgeons are board certified in general surgery with extensive multidisciplinary training, including fellowship certification in breast oncology. Beaumont's resources allow surgeons to offer all the surgical and reconstructive therapies needed to care for patients.

Beaumont's Comprehensive Breast Care Program also includes