About Beaumont Cancer Care

At Beaumont, our cancer specialists are among the most highly-skilled and best-trained medical professionals in the world. The cancer specialists and sub-specialists at the Beaumont Cancer Institute work collaboratively to provide the best in personalized care. We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat even the most difficult types of cancer.

In addition, Beaumont's Cancer Program:

  • is nationally recognized for our successful treatment of cancers
  • is one of only a selected number of community sites participating in the National Cancer Community Oncology Research Program, also known as NCORP, which means you have access to the top national research being done for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  
  • combines the highest-quality, clinical expertise with the most compassionate, individualized care found anywhere
  • offers advanced technologies and board certified oncologists

We know that when you're fighting cancer, Beaumont is clearly an unparalleled choice.

Beaumont – The Preferred Choice

At Beaumont, we lead the way in linking technology and health care to provide cancer patients, of all ages, with the best treatment and outcomes. More than 3,000 physicians, who specialize in more than 100 types of cancer treatment, staff the Beaumont Cancer Institute. Beaumont is a national leader in cancer diagnosis and provides advanced treatment of breast and prostate cancers.

We also offer a Community Clinical Oncology Program that uses highly trained cancer physicians in area communities to bring the benefits of the latest scientific research to more people. The result? A shared responsibility of supporting quality patient care and excellence in conducting clinical research.

Beaumont's Department of Radiation Oncology has consistently received international praise for developing innovative cancer treatments, including image-guided radiation therapy, adaptive radiation therapy and intensity-modulated radiation therapy.

Multidisciplinary Care

Beaumont continues to move toward a Center of Excellence model of oncology services, with the addition of several multidisciplinary programs to diagnose and treat cancer. These clinics provide a comprehensive and integrated clinical, academic and research approach to the delivery of oncology services, benefitting our patients and the communities we serve.

You can learn more about our multidisciplinary care through our annual reports.

Leaders in Cancer Care

At Beaumont, we're not only committed to early detection, we also offer the most sophisticated and detailed diagnostic and advanced treatment resources, including 3-D, computer-assisted surgery and radiation treatments with pinpoint accuracy; robotic, minimally invasive and organ-saving procedures; and a dedicated integrative medicine center. And our industry-leading research helps ensure that you receive the latest in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Survivorship Program

Our survivorship program was developed with you in mind. The Cancer Survivorship Program will partner with patients and their health care providers to promote optimized health and healing of mind, body and spirit. We will support patients, caregivers and families through integrative practices and education before, during and beyond treatment.